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You will find all the products of software, organized here by subject. All the prices are in Euros.

Read the approval of licence before testing or buying the program. By downloading this software and by employing it, you agree on the limits of the licence.

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Program Description
DevExcel Quotation program on Excel: Spent, estimate, monthly estimate, Monthly progress payment, integrated converter of the estimate under all types of currencies (international market), Assessment of work, Statistics, analyzes graphic, synthesi.  
PsychroSI Calculation program for the humid air. Psychrometric calculation for the air mixture with reheating or cooling. Swimming pools calculation.  
AutoPlanning AutoPlanning produce planning in the form of bar chart (Gantt chart) on Excel.  
AeroDuct Duct sizing Excel program. Calculation of the pressure losses for the air duct. (AeroDuct can be distributed with calculation in English system (e.g., ounces, pounds, inches, and feet) and common units in the metric system (e.g., grams, kilograms, meters, and centimeters).
HydroTherm Pipe sizing program for hot water or overheated water.  
HydroWater Pipe sizing program for hot water supply or overheated water, water canalization, piping in cold water or hot water of sanitary use.  
HydroTherm & HydroWater    
ThermoVapor Pipe sizing program for the distribution systems of saturated or overheated steam.  
AeroGaz Pipe sizing program for the distribution systems of gas.
ThermGaz Pipe sizing program for the distribution systems of fuel gas.  
AeroGaz + ThermGaz    

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