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Conditions necessary of functioning


Conditions of functioning

The programs are designed to operate with the following products:

  • Operating system: Windows 97/98/2000 to 2013 Microsoft
  • Excel: Version 7.0 or more (Office 97, Office 2000 to 2013) compatible.

Guide of installation

After having downloaded the file of installation, unpack it in a repertory of your choice and launch Excel, then open the program.xla application like a normal file on Excel.

All the files are compressed to allow the transfer more quickly on the network. You need WinZip, of PKZIP or similar for unpack the files.

If you do not have a program of decompression, go in the PKWARE to download a copy of shareware of PKZIP: / (it is a shareware, therefore made just this and record your copy). The Zip files must be unpacked before using them.

During the launching of the program, click on " Activate the macros " if the confirmation is required, if not, you will not be able to use the program correctly.




















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