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Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool of analysis used in the various sectors of the businesses, of industry, scientist, etc.

Little realizes that Excel can be programmed to carry out any conceivable task, to create your own functions and to automate your repetitive tasks. The programming language used behind Excel is Visual BASIC for application (VBA)

Estimate program
Calculation programs

DevExcel : Quotation program on Excel: Spent, estimate, monthly estimate, Monthly progress payment, integrated converter of the estimate under all types of currencies (international market), Assessment of work, Statistics, analyzes graphic, synthesis.


AeroDuct : Air duct sizing program for ductworks and air distribution systems.

PsychroSI : Calculation program for the humid air. Psychrometric calculation for the air mixture with reheating or cooling. Swimming pools calculation.

HydroTherm : Pipe sizing program for distribution systems of heat such as hot water supply or overheated water.

HydroWater : Calculation program for piping of distribution of water such as hot water supply or overheated water, water canalization, piping in cold water or hot water of sanitary use.

ThermoVapor : Pipe sizing program for distribution systems of saturated or overheated steam.

AeroGaz & ThermGaz : Pipe sizing program for distribution systems of gas.

Sundry programs

AutoPlanning : This programme produce planning in the form of bar chart (Gantt chart) on Excel. (Full-sized)

TriFile : Facilitate the sorting out of your working files in database in a working sheet of Excel.

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