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Calculation program
Sundry programs

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If you use Excel in your work, these programs are conceived so as to benefit from all the advantages which offers Excel and of the programming language VBA.

All these programs are established in a rational way in the form of tables for professional use easy to read while having the minimum of handling to carry out and values to be re-entered.

The repetitive tasks such as the handling of the tables or certain functions of calculation are programmed in Visual BASIC for application (VBA)

You will find these programs particularly flexible and effective. Easy to use, all that you have to make is to fill the cells, calculations will be established automatically.

Estimate program

Calculation program on the air

Hydraulic and thermal programs

  • HydroWater: Calculation program for piping of distribution of water (in progress)

Aeraulic program

Various programs

  • ListFile: Facilitate the sorting out of your working files in database in a working sheet of Excel.
  • AutoPlanning: AutoPlanning produce planning in the form of bar chart (Gantt chart) on Excel.
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