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DevExcel program (Estimate)
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Characteristics and functions of the program

DevExcel program is equipped with a customized menu bar. Every option in DevExcel is available from this menu bar.

The working file is created separately making it possible to reduce the data storage.

The working file can be made up various computation sheets. You can from the same file, to insert a new computation sheet or to duplicate the computation sheet in course for a similar study and to make the complementary modifications thereafter.

In your table of calculation you can add lines of calculation, withdraw elements, or insert library units anywhere, without deteriorate the phases of calculations.

For each working sheet, the document can be:

  • The "Spent estimate detail sheet", (costs of materials, discount suppliers, unit labor, price selling, etc.)
  • The "Customer quotation sheet".
  • The "Monthly progress payment".
  • Estimate synthesis, assessments of works, statistics.

DevExcel also ensures the automatic treatment of conversions of the Dollars for other currency or vice versa on the working sheet.

All the functions of calculations placed in the estimate sheet are integrated functions from Excel, none of these functions was written in VBA avoiding of this fact all risks of losses of display data.

Presentation of the Cost estimate detail


The margin rates are applied to the selling prices. These margins rates are the overheads of the company, the specific expenses relating to the operation and the forecast benefit.

The mark-up, that is to say the multiplying coefficient of the cost price to establish the selling price of each item corresponding, are = 100 / (100 - margin).

Mark-up of different values can be applied to certain items in selling price, such as for example subcontracting work; the real rate for margin will be recomputed according to the values of the general selling price and the general cost price.


The labor cost is expressed by an average time rate according to the principal activity of the company. This time rate integrates the payroll charges and also takes into account the paid-leaves, the premiums and allowances day laborers of meal and transport, unproductive times and the effect of possible overtime.

The basic cost price for labor is affected automatically with the work concerned.

Different labor cost can be applied if necessary to certain items (night hours for example) for inputting an index.

The labor cost in each part of work is defined according to the average time rate and of the labor time.

Cost estimate detail sheet

The unit prices for sale can be display in round values or with 2 decimals.

Here what the computation sheet in "Spent estimate detail" resembles:

In screen presentation

Estimation program, Estimate, Price, prices, Quote, Quotation, Construction estimating, spent study, Monthly

The reproduction of the sheet of work is prohibited. Copyright (c) 2002, Jean Yves Messe

All the cells placed in color columns are parameterized. The results are displayed instantaneously by automatic calculation.

The unit prices for sale can be displayed in round values or with 2 decimals (round values in the above example).

The cells with a function for calculation are protected, avoiding the fact all risks to zap the formula.

The fact of using the computation sheet in mode "protect", prevents handling such as: copying / pasting, creation of sub-totals, etc.

It is thus much more convenient to work without protection. The fact of crushing a formula of computation by inadvertently is signaled at any moment in red in the cell concerned (see on the above table). The reconstitution of this formula is simply made by one copy / paste on an unspecified cell placed on the same column.

The elements such as the time costs for labor, the margins reserved for company (overheads, benefit, insurance's, etc), can be modified at all times, the unit prices are recomputed instantaneously and automatically.

At printing exit:


progress payment, bid, bills of quantities, Construction Cost, Bid Estimates, costing, spending, Quantity Takeoff, Costbook, Craftsman, Takeoff estimating

Sub-total and Summary

Creations of sub-totals can take place on any line from a call procedure placed on the menu bar.

The creation of the summary block of the sub-totals can be imported constantly on an unspecified position of the working sheet.

The reconstitution of the sub-totals in the summary block is done automatically, always from a procedure from personalized menu bar.

An additional control is carried out separately by cumulating the whole of the elements introduced individually into the working sheet. This makes it possible to be ensured if sub-totals have well integrated the integral incorporation of the introduced items.

Presentation of the Customer estimate

The presentation "Customer estimate" is done automatically from a call procedure placed on the customized menu bar.

All the confidential elements reserved for the company are dissimulated automatically.

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