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Headings: Quotation

  • Margin: Margins on the prices.

Headings: Mechanics of the fluids

Headings: Thermal and hydraulics

  • Thermal fluid flow: Unit of energy (joule, calorie), unit of power. Calculation of the water flow for the thermal transfer.
  • Pipe sizing for the steam: Saturated steam or wet steam, overheated stream, mass throughput of the vapor, pressure low steam and pressure high pressure.
  • Control valves sizing: Coefficient Kv, Kvs, Kvo and leakage rate. Authority of the valve on hydraulic system. Characteristic of valves (linear, quadratic, logarithmic curve, calorific linear). .
  • Orifice plate calculation: Orifice plate calculation: Calculation programs of diaphragms on the networks hydraulics according to standard NFX10 - 101 on Excel.
  • Pump driving calculation: Mechanical energy provided by the fluid (Closed loop), mechanical energy in hydrostatic load (fluid on open circuit), mechanical energy provided to the liquid (For example, distribution network of drinking water), degraded energy (Power at the shaft of the pump)
  • Ventilator driving calculation: Mechanical energy provided to the fluid. Degraded energy expressed by the output of the ventilator.

Headings: gas

  • Fuel gases: Units of volume and pressure used in gas industry, calorific value of a gas. Calorific power and useful output. Type of gas in gas industry.

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